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david belleorg– Hallo David. Regards from traceurs from Serbia. Before you came to Serbia to film B13-U, when you heard the word Serbia, what was the first thing that came to your mind?

Serbia reminds me of the good memories I had during shooting. I was well received and it was nice to spend time with the guys from Serbia.

– How are your knees holding up after all those years of high drops?

I am pretty good. I have that little knee injury due to fatigue, but after a year of recovering and strengthening the knee, I recovered all my capacities.

– What is for you a quality training?

For me, it is challenging your stronger side, but also strengthening your weak spots so you can be as complete as possible.

– Who is the strongest man/woman (mentally, not physically) that you have trained with, and do you think that traceurs nowadays are getting stronger physically or mentally or both? Which one do you think is more important?

I have great respect for my father who passed on the torch of parkour to me through his experience. There are a lot of strong men and women in the world, each in his/her own domain. Whether they are well known or not, I have equal respect for them. Traceurs today have the chance to use the internet to „learn“ parkour and what it is. So, generally, I can feel faster sorting of techniques because all they have to do is reproduce what they see on their screens and do it well to achieve a good level. These time savings enables them to try new things and push the discipline further. We had to search, create and learn from our mistakes so we could develop parkour as you can see from our interviews and videos.

– Could you compare the way you train now and the way you trained…say, 15, 20 years ago?

Before, I trained so I could reach a specific goal and to develop my skills, while today I train so I can maintain what I achieved and so I can last for as long as it is possible.

david belleorg– Did you ever save someone. someone`s life?

Thanks to parkour, I helped people get out of various difficult situations. My father, he was very brave in saving lives due to his extraordinary physical condition.

– How long was your biggest break in parkour and why?

I had to stop my trainings two or three times so I could get back to the questions which were related to my parkour. People only recently found out about parkour while I have been practising parkour for years. I had to discover and learn new things so I could get back and find new motivation, new impulse to continue to progress .

– What do you think of the fathers heritage today?

That was the best he could do for me. And for that I am eternally grateful to him. Still, I had to work hard so I could develop my own potential and become my own self and not my fathers „copy“.

– Do you think it is possible to get the ,,old scene” back? You know, when the majority were real athletes and good people who actually stick to the values of discipline instead of what the majority is now – basically doing everything for money/ competitions/ fame/ camera?

It is a shame that a lot of young people today see parkour as a chance to succeed professionally. Certainly, the fact is that we have seen some films being made and that a couple of sponsors organized a competition so they can use the image those young people have who, mostly, don`t know the norms of this community. Parkour is a discipline which enables personal development and in no way is an opportunity to „succeed“ in life. Those who choose that path don`t share our vision of parkour.

– If you could get back in time when you started training parkour, would you change anything?

I wouldn`t change anything because I am happy with my parkour.

david_belle_reach_escape– What do you do in your life, besides parkour?

Parkour has helped me build my own self and brought me the desire to learn and discover new things. It is this new stage in my life that I am starting now.

– Are you happy?

Yes, I am happy and I am surrounded with my family and my close ones.

– For the end, what would you say to traceurs in Serbia?

I wish you and all the other traceurs in Serbia a lot of success in your „exploration“ of parkour. I also wish there were more experienced people in parkour like my friend Charles Perriere, who can share their experiences with new  generations and wider audiences. And the most important thing, stay yourself!

For Parkour Serbia translated by Dejan Kostevski. Interviewed by Bogdan Cvetković and Charles Perriere.