Parkour camp - 27th July until 2nd August 2020

Youth older than 15 with at least minimal experience in the parkour can participate in Parkour camp 2020. An unforgettable event for traceurs through 7 dynamically spent days in nature, through trainings, parkour games and activities that are carefully designed to serve to deepen and strengthen a genuine friendship. A basic level of knowledge / skill is required because on parkour training sessions you will train on your own (no coaches). Activities such as dance workshop, guitars workshop, parkour games, etc. are matter of choice (you may or may not attend).

More information

Parkour in Serbia has started developing from Kraljevo. It is the main reason why Parkour camp 2020 is organized in this city from 27th July until the 2nd of August 2020. The camp will be located near the sport airport “Brege”, just 3km from Kraljevo’s center. It is a peaceful, natural and perfect place for organizing Parkour camp.

All participants will be accommodated in a camp that is made especially for this event. Toilet, a bathroom and a restaurant within the sports airport “Brege” will be used. In the case of bad weather, accommodation in the sports airport facilities is provided.